What is yoga?

Yoga is a word with Sanskrit origin and many meanings: unite, attach, joint, harness, observe. When practiced regularly, our body, mind and spirit unites. We connect with ourselves, and deepen our relationship with others and the world.


The yoga poses, asanas teach us patience not only on the mat, but in our everyday life. With getting our hidden energies on the surface we get more creative and ready to build a peaceful and harmonious life.


While practicing yoga we experience, that our body gets energized and our nervous system relaxes. We leave stress and anxiety behind. It helps us realizing our dreams and live with our full potential.


Yoga helps to stretch your muscles and to make your body flexible.

Get energized

Yoga recharges you and keeps you in shape.

Enjoy life

Yoga is the key to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Get stronger

Yoga makes your muscles stronger and shapes your body.


Yoga is the most efficient way to reduce stress, remove blockages.

Live in harmony

Yoga calms you and teaches patience and persistence.

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