Anita Angyal

“Do your practice and all is coming.”

This is a famous quote of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois yogi and he is right. Not only in yoga, but in every aspect of your life. Be patient, persistent, humble and your work will pay off sooner or later.

I got committed to practicing yoga on the 10th of June, 2011, on the name-day of my mom. I already had a taste of some yoga styles before, but I did not stick to any of them. Ever since my childhood sport was part of my life, but somehow it was not the physical aspect of yoga that attracted me the most. First it was just a tool to relax and release stress. I was sure, that as a result of my practice I’d handle extreme physical-mental challenges better. And I was right. Besides having a full body physical training, spiritual growth is guaranteed as well. Feeling amazing after each class inspired me to gain a better understanding of this ancient practice. I learned the basics at the Hatha yoga teacher training, while during my ashtanga training the focus was on the asana practice. This was followed by a philosophy master course to get my theoretical knowledge more structured. This is where I am now.

Hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga – these are the styles I teach currently, and in the meanwhile I learn, learn and learn…

Eszter Molnár

It was a love at first sight on my first yoga class. I knew immediately, that this is what I was looking for. First I thought of it as a great way to exercise, but slowly I realized that it is much more. Yoga is a philosophy, lifestyle, science and spiritual process, the path of self-realization.

Yoga is the magic in my life. I gained a lot from it and I am beyond grateful for it. Yoga shapes not only your body but your life as well. Frequent practice makes you more balanced, peaceful, dispels your fears and brings you closer to yourself.


In 2017 I decided to dig deeper into yoga, so I completed the 200 hours Hatha yoga teacher training course of Kiss Zoltán Nitai in Nitayoga Center Budapest and I keep studying since then..


“The asanas promote the transformation of personality by bringing consciousness from the body to the soul.”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Judit Pintér

Yoga is for everyone. It can be integral part of the life of all of us, it’s not only a practice on the mat. I re-discover this every day, for more than 10 years now.

In the beginning I was only looking for a physical training to keep my body in shape, so I practiced Bikram yoga for a while, later some other dynamic yoga styles. I stopped and re-started several times and experienced the challenge to rebuild my flexibility and strength again and again.

After many years of practice I realized the value yoga brought into my life, helping me in the most difficult periods. This is when I discovered yoga beyond the physical aspects. Meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and the set of yogic values enriched my practice and my life. In the same time I discovered the pleasure and fun to share my experience and practice with others.
In 2017 I became a certified yoga teacher, completing a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course certified by Yoga Alliance and had my teaching practice in Thailand.

I still enjoy the dynamic yoga styles, so in most of my classes we practice vinyasa flow. But depending on the energies in the room I might adjust the practice and include elements from other styles to better serve the group.

You can read more about my thoughts on yoga and practicing yoga in my blog:
See you on the mat!

Barbara Szűcs

Yoga brought great changes into my life in many levels. I am grateful that I participated in the traditional training of the Nitayoga Center, where besides the asana practice I could study yoga philosophy and the holistic Ayurvedic lifestyle as well.


After the training I started to teach more and more, and gradually gained experience. Later I studied several focus techniques and emotional block releasing techniques, and I got to know the essential oils of aromatherapy, that I started to include into my classes.


I’d like to share these practices, techniques, in order to help you on the path of yoga and also to assist you finding your self-healing abilities.


Welcome to my classes!


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